Why ApiGo?

Adapt PDS2 Regulations

ApiGo offers a platform where banks can adapt to PSD2 regulations in no time. The product users will always be up-to-date with upcoming regulations and innovations. We are here to help you overcome in your competition(s) while protecting and providing efficiency all through the journey

What is PSD2?

The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) which aims to further modernize Europe's payment services for the benefit of consumers and businesses. It promotes the development of innovative online and mobile payments, more secure payments and better consumer protection. At the same time, the directive aims to improve the level-playing field for payment service providers - including new players or FinTechs and contribute to a more integrated and efficient European payments market. Overall, the updated rules will help to facilitate innovation, competition and efficiency in the EU online payments market. PSD2 also marks another step towards the completion of the digital single market in the EU and gives consumers more and better choices when it comes to retail payments

According to the European Commission, PSD2’s main aims are to:

  • Contribute to a more integrated and efficient European payments market

  • Level the playing field for payment service providers

  • Make payments safer and more secure

  • Protect consumers

  • Encourage lower prices for payments.

Banks are now required to grant TPPs (Third Party Providers) access to customer payment accounts, known as XS2A (Access to Account). PSD2 outlines two types of regulated TPP that will be granted direct access to customer accounts.

What is PSD2?

API Gateway

Secure, Scale and Protect your API traffic!
ApiGo provides a safe and flexible platform for you to enable your services to fintechs. We scale your traffic, database density and secure your requests and data’s from malicious tentative. We offer your bank; ready to use endpoints, templates suitable to UK Open Banking and Berlin Group Standards, rich sets of API getaway policies; Account Consent Policies, Transaction Policies, Payment Policies, Mock Policies, Rate Limit Policies, Response transformation Policies (Just) and more.

Developer Portal

In accordance with the PSD2 and the related domestic legislation,
ApiGo has launched its Developer Portal and Sandbox which are dedicated to
developers and third party providers to help them connect to the services.

Users who are registered as a TPP on the portal have the opportunity to…

  • Download technical documentation of the API’s

  • Use our sandbox

  • Request technical support if necessary

  • Work on a test environment with dummy data

Compliance Consultancy

Keep your money! You can take our time instead!
No need to spend money for compliance consultancy,
we know PSD2 inside out.